Koha Solutions

The Below is the links to the problems and their various solutions related to Koha Library management software.

TopicRelated Links
Koha Installation LinksLive DVD iso file (easykoha.iso)

Video on Installation of Live DVD in Dual booting mode (easykoha.iso)

Koha Installation guide on Koha Wiki

Installation of Koha on Ubuntu 14.04

Koha training materials and VideosTraining Material and Video
Step by step Koha ManualKoha Manual
Koha Backup and RestoreBackup and Restore on New or Same machine
Enhance Regional Language Searching Zebra configuration for regional language searching
How to make Koha reports as per requirements Koha SQL Report Formats

Koha Reports Develop by Me
Gmail/other email account configuration for automatic email deliveryPostfix Installation and Gmail Configuration
General Debian/Ubuntu Commands for KohaGeneral linux Commands for Koha
Installing Multiple Instances of KohaCreating multiple instance on same Koha



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