Dr. Ranganathan 125th Birth anniversary: a golden opportunity to expose LIS Profession/Professionals

Dear All

As we are aware that on 12th of August, 2016 Dr. Ranganathans 124th birth anniversary will be completed and his 125th anniversary will start therefore I would like to appeal all professional friends and mainly senior/leaders of LIS profession please do not miss this opportunity to popularize Dr. Ranganathan and LIS profession. Dr. Ranganathan is the chief architect of Library and information profession in India hence he must be given appropriate honor during entire period of his 125th anniversary i.e. from 13/08/2016 to 12/08/2017. All libraries should take some initiative at international/national/state/local level to organize some events and make aware about the libraries, role of librarian and contribution of Dr. Ranganathan in development of the society. Institutional libraries should organize the various types of competition and fruitful events among their users. Some of the events that can be organized are:

  1. Conferences/seminars/workshops/lectures
  2. Drawing and painting competitions
  3. Logo competition
  4. Essay, poem, thought etc. writing competitions
  5. Quiz competitions for various group of people
  6. Sports and games can be also organized in schools for children’s etc.

Dear friends this is the time you can strongly present role of father of library science and librarians in development of society and other institutions. I hardly find any of the LIS coursed about the detail biography of eminent library professionals hence request teachers and policy makers to include detail biography of eminent persons in the concern subject of library and information science as one chapter. The long or short descriptive questions can be also asked during the examinations from the library science students.

You may see the link below for various ideas to celebrate the birth anniversary of great people and how people have paid attention in honoring such a great contributors of society.

Ideas to celebrate 125th Birth Anniversary

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