Ignorance of historical study in libraries by decision makers

Dear all,

I was thinking earlier why peope like historians, archeologists etc study the past which may be not of much use in present context. But while working in the library since many years i found it is one of the most and first requirement to study the history of library wherever you work or going to start work.

Due to ignorance and treating himself like me as most intelligent results in either duplicate of works or complete wastage of library/staff time. It is very difficult to take new initiative/creative work but i observed its very easy to follow those practice/theory which is given by already intelligent peoples/scientist. Hence i always prefer the same to follow first our intelligent ancestors then try to create something new.

Study of any procedures/rules/technology etc in a library is most important particularly for a decision makers as they are only responsible for overall management of the library but their ego, half knowledge, bossism attitude, ignorance of other works etc. destroyed the system and create frustration among the human resources due to ultimate zero output.

Therefore i feel all the professionals must go for serious historical study before starting any work in any system.

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