My experience of Implementing Koha at MITT, Madhupur, Jharkhand

Dear All,

It was a nice experience to implement Koha at remote area of Jharkhand state called Madhupur. I appreciate the effort and initiative of Principal and Librarian, Madhusthali Institute of Teachers Training for taking such a wonderful step for making their library automated with most modern software. Approx 4000 data and members record was successfully converted and imported into the Koha software which is now fully functional on their intranet. A demo and lecture on Koha software was also given and lot of cross question was also asked, an audience was more interested to know what is my benefit in promoting/implementing Koha for which i had no answer because answering 500/1000/1500 per day honorarium or some time free may be joke and saying its my passion may be unbelievable in the selfish world, but since she has repeatedly asked the same question so i just told it may be beneficial for my future promotions. All admins were aware about the Libsys software but not the Koha, but they have selected Koha due to some pricing issues and non satisfactory performance of known software. I am happy that i could able to give proper answer to their query related to Koha and why to use Koha in comparison to commercial software. Most interesting is my wife first time visited along with me and saw my all effort and how i worked whole day, speak continuously more than two hours and ultimately she also said i am a fool doing all without any monetary benefit but at least she is happy first time because of Koha i visited Baidyanath Dham (place of worship).

I request all to give a try on Koha and compare cost effectiveness with existing commercial ILMS .


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