Can association support to LIS community in automation?

Dear All,

I am just thinking about the contributions of LIS associations for advancement of technical services in library and information science field and hardly found much. Therefore i suggest one best and effective way for the same as follows:

Since Koha are very popular now a days in India and abroad also but due to some lacking features in Indian context many could not able to use its best features and their is some financial concerns also for the libraries. So is it not possible for associations to see the lacking features in Koha as per Indian scenario and sponsor some good Koha vender to make some patches/plugin and make it public. For example at present Koha  is not able to handle incremental fine but it is badly needed by many libraries so they can sponsor/fund some vender to make one plugin and share it to public through association website or other  means. It will have better direct effect and contribution from LIS associations for the whole world as well as the concern association will also benefit a lot in my view. The associations may also get the sponsorship for the same from lot vender/publishers etc.

Kindly give your feedback.

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